You might be thinking now what are pookies? Well what they are is a wonderful heaven that comes into your familys life. You can choose weather to have one or not. Either Is Okay.
How to become cute:
Talk in capital letters such as: Talk In Capitals.
Also say cute sayings such as "Is Smaller Than Snowball But Sweeter Than Sugar!" Or "Gigglez So Bright Mr Sun Gets Jealous!"
Also with every scentence you do put a explanation mark. As i did an example on two previous scentences ago.
Clubpenguin10.jpgMost Adorable Babies Are the member ones that have a tiara.
Moo Mee's Mostly Need To Be Member.
They Need To Have Blonde Ponytale With A Pink Hairtie/Scrunchie.
Glasses They Can Be Blue/Black Shade, White/Red Shade With Yellow Sparkles, Red Shade Sunnies.
Peach Penguin, Red Sparkle Dress From The Red Ruby Stage And Blue Sparkle Dress From Penguin Band. Also Get Red,Pink Or Blue Jean Handbag, Sparkle Shoes,Flip Floops,Boots. And An Eye For Style!
..Walk In Room..
Walk Up To Pookie Start Doing Cute things such as Hello Miss Universe! Promps On Tan Hip! Swings Like Silly Monkey! Whispers In Mushy Ear So Nobody Gets Jealous! I Pick You! Carries out the door to a limo or a jet. Jet point to sky Teddy town jet arrives mini tv pops out blah blah blah nods to driver.
Duh Duh's Can Wear pretty much everything but still needs to have capitals like the both. Most Duh Duh's Wear Agent Glasses A Footy-Muscel Look Like Jersey (For Hockey) Black Runners-Sneakers Hand Items Anything Really. Names Sutiable For A Dad. Such As Snowycool11 (They Don't Know What Gender Your In)
For Broders-Orange Hair, Yellow Penguin, Black Hoodie, Black & White Checkered Sneakers, Teddy In Hand,Soccer Ball,Playwear (Such As Kite) Ect.
Being An Uppie Or Pet.
Most populaur pets are Uppies (Pups) They wear the earth day African Painted Dog Suit With Cute Acsessories, Or Face items uppie mouth, Scarf Something that looks like a collar, Feet items would be thoose rare claw shoes, Head items Tiara, Bug Type Ears (Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed Bee)Or Earmuffs Of Any Color. Next are kittens most pookies are allergic to kittens, But You Can dress up kittens in Snow Leapoard outfit. Next likely is pokemon, There is a bird such as wear fairy wings, Color of wings, cute dress or outfit even a tuxedo. For Pikatchu you can do yellow penguin, Yellow Bug Ears Just Same As Uppie Instead Of The Mouth.
Going Fun Places:
Yes, You can go to really fun places such as Camping,The City,Swimmy (Short For Swimming-Cute Baby Version), Airplane To Another Country (Interstate,Teddy Town Ect.) And More. Pookies favourite T.V Shows are Teddy Town,Bunny Barn,Elmo, Puffle Show, Funniest Home Vieos (For Big Broders), Cheerleading & Princess And Uppie Show.
I Know Millions Of Penguins Are In Sorrow And They Are Non-Member Or Sad Because They Don't Have A Tiara, Well I Got A Soloution! Trade Your Unwated Accounts, And They Will Be Transformed Into Whoever You Want To Be. In The Mean While, I Will Give You An Account Of Exactly Some Of The Clothes-Or Similar To The Transformation. Seriously, I Don't Scamm.
If You Need More Advice, On How To Dress And Not Sure On What To Start Off As A Begginer, Watch This Video From Youtube, It Really Helps Alot From My Oppinion. The Link To Post Official Comments Is Here:
Guest: I Really Loved The Video! Thanks For All The Advice I'm Going To Go On Right Now
IceHopper488:Nice Video, Make One For Boys Please, Thanks!!
Mia10231:I like the ballerina out fit but u would´╗┐ look heaps cuter with a teddy and a crown!

Sometimes becoming a pookie is not really simple.Sometimes there are haters wich do bad things such as Hit (Kit), Slap (Flap), And even chances are, They may throw you to China. And also if you have high quality friends that will surely remember you, Then you cant switch genders such as sharing with Brothers/Sisters because then people you know and are on your friend list will start spreading rumors. I Had an account called Dakota82 and nearlly the whole island knew me.Maybe because lots of people were telling the password (Wich is supposed to be a secret because of the rules)

If you don't get picked in clubpenguin, Dont worry because i don't either even though i have a tiara. What i'd like to do with my other account is to Explore clubpenguin because on Snowbuddies6, I dont have a tiara and + its more fun exploring clubpenguin and going in peoples unlocked igloos (Such as kingdom,colleges,Pre K ect) because you have more fun and get picked. You'll be sleeping on your desktop keyboard, If you stay at the pet shop for all thoose pending hours when you can actually get picked and have fun.

When your growing up you may want to grow hair so you can start your life as a teen in 6 days or so.
If your moomoo doesnt like you growing any hair, Then just say its a wig.
Most moo moos/Mums like their sweetie,Pookie having hair.